Public Computer Rules and Regulations

The Ridgefield Library asks all patrons to remember they are using a public computer in a public area and are expected to act accordingly. Any illegal use of the computer may result in the patron being banned from the library.

Child Safety & Children's Department (Adopted 10-28-14)

Usage of computers in the Children's Department is limited to use by children. All Adults who visit the Children's Department must be actively caring for a child or using the Children's Department resources for the benefit of children. Adults who have no related reason to use the Children's Department must use other Library areas and will be asked to leave the Children's Department. Likewise, children are not allowed on the public computers in the Adult Department. Exceptions may be made with the permission of the Director for certain situations, such as overcrowding or a parental request to have a child sit with a parent at a computer for a short period of time.